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Rocky Heights Middle School performs with pride

The RHMS choir led by Susie Ritter.

Article by Kathy Dunker with photos by Amy Shanahan

The Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS) band, orchestra and choir put on its first show at the end of September, and it was an enormous success!

The sixth, seventh and eighth grade strings performed jazz and fiddle pieces, with several students performing short improvised solos. The band performed jazz, blues and multicultural pieces that wowed the audience.

Joe Anderies, the new band and orchestra teacher at RHMS this year said, “I feel the band and orchestra students have all taken huge steps during the first six weeks of school, based on their performances. I look forward to seeing continued success in this program!”

One night of performances was dedicated to the choir, led by choir teacher Susie Ritter. The Choir sang a variety of songs, ranging from disco, to Amazing Grace, to Broadway selections.

“It was a nice way to start off the year,” said Ritter. “I was so proud of the enthusiasm and love my students and the RHMS staff have for singing and the performing arts.” RHMS promotes and values the opportunity for its students to engage in the performing arts, and it shows with performances like these.

Claire Sweeney performing a solo at the RHMS choir concert.



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