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Ruby’s Trust

By Celeste McNeil; photos courtesy of Cy DeBoer

Village resident Cy DeBoer is a busy woman. She is a wife to Bruce and mother to Ryan and Whitney, grandmother of two (Harbour and Chase) and friend to many. Cy is a columnist, author and inspirational speaker. She created and runs a local charity and has volunteered for several other nonprofits along the way. Cy’s most recent endeavor is a book titled Ruby’s Trust, about her unlikely friendship with a homeless woman named Ruby, which will be published later this month.

Her habit of helping others led Cy to open a conversation with Ruby. Speaking about Ruby and the book, Cy stated, “I have always been urged to write about our unusual friendship and journey… she [Ruby] profoundly changed my whole family and I am grateful beyond words that God chose me to pick her up from a curb all those years ago.”

“I have always been urged to write about our unusual friendship and journey…She [Ruby] profoundly changed my whole family…”

Cy’s strong Christian faith innately motivates her to help others in need. She also credits the constant support of her husband, Bruce, for her ability to make a difference in her community. Their marriage of 36 years has been a catalyst for Cy’s charity endeavors. “Bruce’s support has been a great gift, allowing me to spend most of my adult life volunteering. He graciously gives and encourages me in everything I do.”

Cy has a tender heart toward the downtrodden. She and her family have spent considerable time over the past three decades volunteering, organizing and serving the less fortunate in their community. During her many years volunteering at the Gathering Place (a daytime shelter, food pantry and community service resource center for women in Denver), Cy realized the magnitude of need and started doing more. She placed a large bin on her front porch and encouraged her neighbors to fill it with items the women and children at the Gathering Place could use. This simple effort eventually turned into Bin Blessed (previously written about in The Connection), a grass roots charity which gathers needed items and funds to benefit the nonprofit, There With Care (also previously written about in The Connection). There With Care serves families with critically ill children across the Front Range.

Ruby’s Trust is available for preorder on Amazon and also will be available at Barnes & Noble.



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