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School district changes proposed bus route

by Carin R. Kirkegaard

The Douglas County School District (DCSD) made changes to proposed 2009-2010 bus routes. Taking into consideration feedback provided at informational meetings held in late April, as well as phone calls and emails from parents throughout the district changes were made to include the addition of stops throughout the district.

The greatest change to the proposed plan was adding more stops along bus routes and maintaining service inside gated communities. Castle Pines Village (CPV) was one of the district’s gated communities with many concerns for children’s safety with the original proposal.

“The original proposal was a disappointment. I was expecting a solution that was ninety percent there, a solution which reflected the individual community needs,” said Laurel Mueller, a CPV resident with children in DCSD. “I understand the need to make changes based on budget cuts, however, transportation changes need to go hand-in-hand with child safety and the logistics of a community,” continued Mueller.

At press time, DCSD and the CPV Homeowners Association were working closely on an acceptable solution for all parties.

The first proposal included three stops at entrance gates to CPV. According to Steve Herzog, DCSD chief operating officer, after hearing feedback from parents, “There will not be much change. There will be a total of 12 stops within the CPV community, the difference will be that the bus will not stop five times along the street.”

For every mile cut from a bus route the district saves $4.56. With the adjustments to the original proposal, DCSD will cut closer to $2.4 million rather than the original $2.6 million. “We want to keep the kids safe,” said Herzog “We can make up the difference in the budget someplace else.”

To view the final bus route for the 2009-2010 school year visit the DCSD web site at



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