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Second graders head to high school for soccer

Castle View High School’s spring season soccer ball girls (from left to right) Kendall Ahern, Madison Mufich, Taryn Pratte, and Hannah Johnson.

Article by Kathy Dunker with photo by Kegan Ahern

Four second graders were selected to help out the high schoolers as ball girls at Castle View High School (CVHS) this soccer season. Castle Pines residents Kendall Ahern and Hannah Johnson from American Academy along with Madison Mufich from DCS Montessori and Hannah Johnson from Rock Ridge Elementary, were in for a great experience participating in the CVHS girls’ varsity matches.

Ahern and Johnson participated in a soccer camp at Castle View where they were asked by varsity soccer coach, Perry Glantz, if they would like to be ball girls for the team’s home games this spring.  They received Castle View Sabercats shirts along with some great exposure to high school soccer. Ahern says, “Coach Perry and the girls are really nice and fun to watch.  I’m having a blast!”

These second graders, accomplished soccer players themselves, have been playing for nine seasons now and are currently playing up an age level in Real’s U-9 division with coach Jon Ahern.  The team name is the Strikers and their record is 4 wins 0 losses.

The ball girls were invited to attend a Rapids game on April 22 with the Castle View team. Ahern’s mom, Kegan, stated, “The older girls have been so kind and welcoming and it’s just been an amazing opportunity for the younger girls to see the older girls play at such a high level! Coach Glantz, his staff, his team and their supporters have been wonderful!”



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