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Seeing Double at BRE

By Kathy Fallert; photos courtesy of Corin Meibos

Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) had some fun celebrating spirit week during the last week of September. Dress like your favorite teacher on Tuesday, September 26, had students and staff doing double takes as the dopplegangers came out of the woodwork.

Second-grade teacher Terra Shaffner had her fair share of copycats who featured her famous Starbucks, bling, high heels, sunglasses and fluffy blonde hair. Principal John Veit, who always dresses up Monday through Thursday in a suit and tie, led student James C. to coordinate with Veit to make sure he matched. The mission was accomplished as the two showed up both wearing a blue suit, white shirt and red striped tie.

Fifth-grade teacher Debbie Nait (who just got married and is now Debbie Martin) is known for wearing a poncho to stay warm, and first-grade teacher Jeanetta Byrd had two of her students from last year ask what she was going to wear, so they could dress like her.

A good time was had by all the participating staff and dopplegangers, as well as the onlookers who enjoyed seeing double for a day. Third grader, Maggie B., took a blind guess at what her fave teacher, Jenna DiLoreto, would wear, and she guessed right!



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