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Singing, dancing and technology create fun lip-dub video


The lip-dub video ended with all 1,400 students and 110 staff members
from RHMS in front of the school dancing and lip-syncing. Tech teacher
Tim Ryckman filmed the final shot from atop a tall ladder, while Tech
teacher Scott Melanson encouraged the kids to dance and go crazy for the

Article and photo by Amy Shanahan

Technology and school spirit are highlights of the education at Rocky Heights Middle School (RHMS), and they were celebrated at the end of the school year when every student and staff member participated in a school-wide lip-dub. A lip-dub is a video that combines lip-syncing and audio dubbing to create a music video. Lip-dubs involve a great deal of preparation, as they are filmed in a single unedited shot.

The lip-dub video at RHMS was filmed to the song “Good Time” by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen. Each team of students at the school selected song leaders who met weekly to practice the lyrics, the choreography, and the path that the camera would follow throughout the school. Song leaders additionally worked with their respective teams to coordinate their location and what they would be doing during filming. Since the video was filmed using one continuous unedited shot, it was imperative that the leaders be specific as to what would occur during filming.

Amazingly, the video was completed in only two takes. The result was a lively video full of crazy costumes, hilarious dance moves, and a whole lot of fun. Eighth grade student Megan Pitman filmed the entire video by walking backwards at a specific pace in order for everyone to hit their marks. “It was so great!” remarked Pitman. “The hardest part was walking up the stairs backwards, but we had a lot of practice so I knew the route. We are the only middle school to do something like this!”

Filming took place throughout the halls of RHMS with students and teachers moving in and out of the frames, and culminating in all 1,400 students and staff in the front of the school for an all-school shot. The video was shown for the first time at the movie premiere, and again at the eighth grade continuation ceremony. To check out the all school lip-dub from RHMS, go to http://youtube/MsdHPDeHtlE.



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