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Smash rooms all the rage

Article and photo by Julie Matuszewski

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Photo of rage room

Safety is priority at any smash room. Safety helmets, gloves and glasses are provided. Participants must wear long sleeves, long pants and closed toed shoes to protect from debris and slipping.

Rage rooms, also known as smash rooms or anger rooms, have rapidly made their way to the U.S. from Japan. These businesses offer a safe location where individuals can vent their frustrations while hurling objects at a wall and breaking stuff.

Studies have shown that a great way to decrease stress is to regularly engage in an enjoyable activity. Many individuals reduce stress by running or practicing meditation, others find serenity in shattering away their stress and anxiety. Rage rooms were designed with the sole purpose of having occupants destroy things. Old printers, CD players, radios and DVD players are a few of the most common items obliterated by guests.

Smash rooms may consist of a fake living room or kitchen with replicas of furnishings. Everything in the room is “fair game” for destruction. These rooms are designed to unleash a participant’s inner Hulk. They serve as a location where it is acceptable for adults to have a tantrum after a less than perfect day.

We visited SMASH*IT Breakroom in Denver as an alternate evening of fun, and it was a blast. The premium smash package we purchased for $106 granted our party 20 minutes of smash time. It also included a variety of glassware and ceramics, one small piece of furniture, and worn-out electronics. In addition, we were allowed one household item per participant.

Our session began in the armory room. First, we geared up with safety helmets, glasses and gloves. Next, we selected a baseball bat, golf club and small sledgehammer as our weapons of mass destruction. We were then escorted to our smash room where we were provided with safety instructions and guidelines.

It was a little intimidating to get started and I was a little nervous about flying debris. After my first blow to the CD player each smash got easier and easier. It is certainly an adrenaline rush. Whatever your reason to visit SMASH*IT Breakroom, whether for fun or therapy, you are sure to leave with a sweaty brow and a smile on your face.



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