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Snow Removal – Who Plows What?

It’s almost time to get out those snow shovels! Colorado’s first snow of the season often occurs in October. With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about snow removal policies and procedures in Castle Pines North.

Who is responsible for snow removal in CPN?The answer is, “it depends.” The land owner is responsible for snow removal and ownership varies by neighborhood. The responsible party could be Douglas County, local HOAs, the CPN Metro District, or residents.

Douglas County plows most public streets in CPN. The CPN Metro District plows sidewalks and trails along major streets. Neighborhood HOAs plow any private streets and sidewalks along designated HOA common areas. Contact your neighborhood HOA for assistance.

Individual homeowners are responsible for shoveling snow along the sidewalks adjacent to their homes. The CPN Master Association does not own any property within the community, and therefore, is not responsible for snow removal.

To learn more about snow removal responsibilities for each neighborhood in CPN, visit the website at From the CPN homepage, click on the “contacts/services” link and then click on the “snow removal” link.



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