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SnowSports 365 to bring year-round winter sports experience to Philip S. Miller Park

SnowSports 365 is a winter sports park being considered by the Town of Castle Rock to be located at Philip S. Miller Park.

By Elizabeth Wood West; drawing provided by the Town of Castle Rock

SnowSports 365, a newly proposed year-round winter sports park for the Philip S. Miller Park in Castle Rock, is currently under consideration by the Town of Castle Rock (Town).  Early suggested design features for the park include various ski/snowboard jumps, moguls, and rails supported by a lift or moving carpet system, snow tubing, and a lodge or concession building.   

Town council voted unanimously in December 2015 to approve a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with P3 Advisors, LLC, SnowSports 365’s developer.  The MOU signifies that both parties are committed to continuing their good faith efforts with regard to developing the project; no contractual rights or obligations have been established as of press time.  

The MOU identifies approximately 9.5 acres of land at Philip S. Miller Park for the SnowSports 365 project.  The future lease would establish a commitment of 20 to 25 years with two subsequent 10-year optional terms.  The entire cost of the project is estimated at $28 million, to be funded by P3 Advisors.  A $2.7 million  loan from the Town to P3 Advisors has been approved to help pay for improvements that will help benefit the entire park, including additional parking lots, utility extensions, and additional lighting.  P3 Advisors and the Town are estimating that the new park could draw 170,000 visitors annually.  Following the approval of the MOU, the parties are working on a potential development agreement.

According to P3 Advisors, the project’s artificial ski surface is made from a premium, engineered polymer surface called Snowflex.  When misted with water, the Snowflex surface provides a skiing experience similar to snow and, in addition to offering a softer and safer surface for falls, makes it suitable for year-round use.  Snowflex was designed and developed by Briton Engineering and was first introduced at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center, located on Liberty University’s 5,000-acre mountain in Lynchburg, Virginia.

For further information about the SnowSports 365 project and upcoming public hearings, visit  



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