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So What Happens Next for Castle Pines North?

Supporters of incorporation celebrate at The Ridge on Election night. Pictured from the left – Eva Mitchell, Joan Millspaugh, Dick Lichtenheld, Doug Gilbert, Charles Norton, Maureen Shul, Lane Roberts and Earl Millspaugh. (photo by Tim Gamble)

by Lane Roberts

The votes have been counted and the questions are many. What happens next for the new City of Castle Pines North? Here is a list of frequently asked questions (and answers) from CPN residents:

When will CPN “officially” become a city?

CPN residents must first vote to elect a mayor, city council members, a clerk, and a treasurer. As of press time, CPN had plans to hold this election in February, 2008. Once these representatives are elected, CPN officially becomes a city at the first city council meeting.

Will CPN have a Post Office and a new zip code? When do we change our address to the Castle Pines North, CO?

This decision will be made by the U.S. Postal Service. Until a decision is communicated to all CPN residents, please continue to use the Castle Rock address. Our zip code will not change.

Why can’t we change our city name to Castle Pines?

The issue of our city’s name has generated a tremendous amount of interest. The designation of Castle Pines “North” was kept for a few reasons. First, we have historic claim to the name. Second, Castle Pines Village filed their petition to incorporate under the name “Castle Pines.” If CPN had filed for the same name, it would have resulted in a costly court battle. In the future, any name change for CPN could be considered by the new city council and must be voted on by residents of CPN.

Where will our “city hall” be located?

As for any municipal offices, this will be determined by our new mayor and city council once they are elected. It is likely that the office for CPN will be located in an existing office space in one of the many available spaces for lease in our business district. Long-term decisions for a town hall would be made by the new city council.

When will CPN vote for elected representatives?

The CPN Election Commission that developed the ballot and coordinated the November 6 election in conjunction with Douglas County, is currently working to determine when CPN will vote to elect city officals. The Election Commission plans to host the election in February, 2008, or before. As decisions are made, the community will be notified via e-mail.

The most important part of this process will involve selecting the representatives to serve as mayor, city council members, clerk and treasurer. These individuals will be instrumental in organizing our new city and will be responsible for many key decisions that will impact CPN.

Who will represent CPN until the elections are held?

Members of the CPN Master Association and the CPN Preservation Committee have agreed to help the community with key issues during this interim period. The Preservation Committee is working with the State of Colorado, Douglas County and other local representatives to ensure services continue as usual for CPN.

Will the Douglas County Sheriff continue to serve CPN during this interim period?

Preservation Committee representatives have a commitment from Sheriff David Weaver to continue to provide services to CPN. With the approval of ballot issue 2D, funds for law enforcement services will be transferred from the County to the new city. This will allow the city to contract law enforcement services from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Will Douglas County continue to provide snow removal to CPN during this interim period?

As of press time, members of the Preservation Committee had scheduled meetings with County officials to discuss continuation of these services. According to Colorado State statutes, the county within any newly incorporated city is required to perform all duties and responsibilities upon request by the “governing body” of the new city for up to one year after the election to incorporate. (Sec. 31-2-108.Colorado Revised Statues)

The Master Association and the Preservation Committee are working quickly to ensure that CPN will continue to have necessary services from now until February. More information will be announced as it develops in community e-mails. Updates will also be posted at

What will happen to the CPN Metro District?

The Metro District will continue to provide water, sewer, storm drain, and parks and open space maintenance to CPN. Any major decisions regarding the Metro District will be made by the future elected representatives of CPN.

What will happen to the CPN Master Association?

The Master Assocation will continue in its current role until elected representatives make any necessary decisions. It is anticipated that most of the Master Association responsibilities will eventually be merged into the new city.

How does one receive information about submitting their name to run for a position with the new city?

Residents who wish to run for mayor or for city council will need to gather 25 signatures on a petition that must be completed 30 days prior to the election. The date of the election, as well as several other details, are still being worked out by the Election Commission. Watch for more information regarding the election process coming soon.

What is the status of Castle Pines Village and their incorporation effort?

It is anticipated that Castle Pines Village will vote on incorporation in February. See “From the Mailbox” on page 2 for more details about what this means for CPN.

How can I get more information?

Questions can be e-mailed to Updates and other important information will be sent via community e-mail. Web updates can also be found at or at



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