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Southwest Airlines Lands in Denver

Non-stop snowfalls are bringing record-breaking numbers of tourists to the Rocky Mountains for some of the best skiing seen in years. Just in time for the flocks of spring break skiers heading to the mountains for fresh powder, Colorado has a new choice in low cost airlines at Denver International Airport. Whether flying in to experience some of the best skiing available, or flying out to hit sunny beaches Southwest Airlines has landed at DIA.

Southwest is currently offering nonstop flights from Denver to Chicago Midway, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. They will be adding additional nonstop flights to Baltimore, Washington International and Salt Lake City on March 6. In addition to nonstop routes, Southwest offers connecting flights to a variety of destinations.

In response to the arrival of Southwest Airlines at DIA, both Frontier Airlines and United Airlines have been offering reduced fares around the nation with emphasis on flights to Las Vegas and Phoenix. Considered as low-cost carriers, Frontier Airlines faces the most direct competition from Southwest Airlines. Currently, both Frontier Airlines and United Airlines offer many more direct flights from Denver than Southwest.

Flight information and reservations for these airlines can be found at,, and

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