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Spotlight on CPNII HOA

By Celine Hundt

What do Bristlecone Single, Stonecroft, Briarcliff, GreenBriar, WinterBerry, Bramble Ridge and BristleCone all have in common? All seven are communities that are serviced by the CPNII HOA, and were built by Village Homes. With a total of 682 homes, the CPNII HOA is the second largest homeowner’s association (HOA) in Castle Pines North (CPN.)

Shirley Beer Powell, the president of the HOA, moved to CPN after having lived elsewhere with an HOA that she described as “draconian.” Her new CPN neighborhood provided her with the opportunity to become fully active in her new HOA and to help to create a covenant-controlled community that believed in a more balanced approach. Initially, she became involved in the Design Review Committee, and from there went on to become president of CPNII HOA. “If you want to create a neighborhood to be proud of, you need to become personally involved,” said Beer Powell.

The HOA has set the goal of utilizing the communication tools provided by the Master Association to better communicate with its residents, including putting together a newsletter committee. Additionally, the CPNII website has been updated to include upcoming meeting dates, forms and other important HOA information. The CPNII website resides at the Master Association website – On the main banner click on “Neighborhood HOAs,” and scroll down to CPNII:Village.

To help achieve its long-term goals, the HOA contracts
with TMMC Management Company. To date, several noteworthy accomplishments have been achieved which include:

In the past, the CPNII neighborhoods had multiple trash carriers for trash removal. Now, one trash removal carrier services all the CPNII neighborhoods. The switch to one carrier has not only helped the aesthetics and safety of the neighborhoods, but has also proven to be less costly to the homeowners.

CPNII is one of six HOAs in CPN with a neighborhood swimming pool. The CPNII Pool Committee was responsible for many upgrades to the pool area during the summer, including the addition of umbrellas and stands. Additionally, the committee hired Apollo Aquatics to be its pool management vendor.

In 2005, the holiday lighting around the CPNII communities did not meet the high standards of other CPN communities. Residents complained to the HOA and action was taken. In 2006, TMMC employed a new lighting service and the results were impressive. According to Beer Powell, the positive response from homeowners was very positive and enthusiastic.

The CPNII HOA urgently needs more homeowners to step up and become involved at all levels. Anyone interested in taking a larger role in the CPNII community can contact Shirley Beer Powell at

The Castle Pines North (CPN) community has more than 30 individual neighborhood homeowners associations (HOAs) and Sub HOAs.

While most HOAs provide such services as trash collection, management of association dues, maintenance of community pools and open space, and snow removal, they do vary somewhat in their individual goals, policies and procedures.

The Connection will spotlight the individual HOAs within CPN in upcoming issues and attempt to shed light on their individual goals, the neighborhoods they serve, and the volunteers who play an integral part of their success.

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