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State Representative Chris Holbert pleased with signing of legislation

State Representative Holbert Colorado House District 44

Contributed by Representative Holbert

Governor Hickenlooper signed House Bill 12-1029, “Save Colorado Jobs Act,” into law on Saturday, March 24. The new law allows local jurisdictions in Colorado to waive up to 100 percent of locally assessed business personal property tax. This is the first tax relief measure to become law in maContributed by Representative Holbertny years, so awareness of the opportunity is critical to its success.

Effective August 2012, municipal, special district, and county governments will have the option to negotiate, up to 100 percent, its percentage of locally assessed business personal property tax. The opportunity applies to new businesses and existing businesses that seek to relocate or expand.

HB 12-1029 provides for economic growth, saving existing jobs, and creating new jobs. This tax relief measure requires zero “up front” dollars from any school district, local, or state government. It’s not a government-funded “stimulus,” nor does it obligate taxpayers to any new debt.

Representative Holbert form Colorado House District 44 (Parker and Lone Tree) worked closely with Senator Mark Scheffel and Douglas County Commissioner Jill Repella to develop House Bill 12-1029. 



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