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Straight out of Dickens novel

Pictured right: The Original Dickens Carolers consist of performers across the greater area and Salt Lake City. The performing quartets consist of four distinct characters; Felicity, the lovely soprano, Pip the perky alto, Sebastian the dashing tenor and the Gov’nr as commanding bass. Pictured left to right: Kathryn Allen ‘Pip’, Michael Hume ‘Sebastian’, Tonya Ingerson ‘Felicity’ and Drew Bradley as the ‘Gov’nr performed

A group known as The Original Dickens Carolers delivered holiday cheer to all three American Academy campus second grade classes. Dressed in Victorian-era costumes, the blended four-part harmony quartet performed a seven-minute short story, The Christmas Carol, followed by a sing-along of traditional Christmas carols including Twelve Days of Christmas and Jingle Bells.

The group started in 1986 by local Denver musical theatre performers at Larimer Square. Inspired by their love of entertainment, the carolers focus on interaction, music and humor to create a professional performance that charms Colorado and national audiences. Each quartet consists of four distinct characters: Felicity, the lovely soprano; Pip the perky alto; Sebastian the dashing tenor; and the Gov’nr as commanding bass.

“We really look forward to seeing these kids every year,” said Dickens Caroler Michael Hume. “They always seem to get a lot of joy out of the performance, and they’re just smart as whips.”

Article and photo by Julie Matuszewski



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