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Talented Teens of Castle Pines: Your Lucky Numbers

By Steve Whitlock; photo courtesy of Aimee Buffington

Graphic of Talented Teens of Castle Pines

Lucky Number Band, Castle Pines

Mentor and teacher Neil Dreger (center) gives a “thumbs up” for the Lucky Numbers band performance at Lincoln Station Coffee/Music/Pizza. The band consists of five Castle Pines teens, pictured left to right: Kelsey Buffington, Avery Gibson, Colton Brown, Neil Dreger (teacher), Aaron Levy and Adam Levy.

There is a new rock group in town. The band, Lucky Numbers, is made up of local teens. They formed over a year ago through a summer program offered by North Pines Music. During their most recent gig, the group entertained light rail commuters at Lincoln Station Coffee/Music/Pizza located in Lone Tree. They played a variety of classic rock, including covers from Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones and U2.

Lucky Numbers consists of five accomplished Castle Pines teens. Kelsey Bluffington (15) plays guitar and sings. Avery Gibson (16) also plays guitar, piano and sings. Colton Brown (16) plays bass and is also in a jazz band. Adam Levy (14) and Aaron Levy (15) play piano and drums.

Commenting on their recent performance Avery stated, “We played at Lincoln Station, which was a big deal for all of us and it was a huge hit!” He went on to share, “The rewarding thing about being in a band for all of us is the opportunity to be with friends and to be able to have fun and relax while still doing something we all love.” Kelsey added, “I love to see the growth and progression of one simple song. From the first practice when it sounds really rough to our final run through before we perform – you can really see that all our hard work has paid off.”

Certainly, music is something that is significant in almost every culture through history. It’s something that touches listeners at a deep level. Adam conveyed the weight and power of music by saying, “I like being in a band because the music takes over when we play together.”

Recent studies show that music has a beneficial aspect in critical thinking, social skills and development. It’s empirically verifiable. The National Educational Longitudinal Study discovered high school music students hold higher grade point averages than non-musicians in the same school. In short, music isn’t just entertaining, it’s good for you.

In addition to music, a common bond between the Lucky Numbers members has been their mentor and teacher, Neil Dreger, who coaches the band in their music. He is an instructor with North Pines Music, which provides music lessons for students in the Douglas County area.



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