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The Castle Pines Motorcycle Club: Living large on two wheels

Members of the newly-formed Castle Pines Motorcycle Club do more than just look the part. The private club is looking to grow not only in numbers, but in the impact it has on the community through its philanthropic endeavors.

Article by Joe Gschwendtner with photos provided by the Castle Pines Motorcycle Club

Little captures the American spirit better than a Harley Davidson on the open road. To this image, add a heavy-leathered male specimen with a sculpted female wrapped tightly into bike and body contours. Now that’s a serious formula for adventure. If you want to do more than dream, you’re in the right neighborhood. The greater Castle Pines community has a new two-wheel brotherhood. But it’s unlike any other…

Founded in 2011, the club is high tech and organized. Gucci-like in its approach to branding. Outfitted with hand-painted leathers and logoed merchandise. Yet, if you didn’t know these local residents and crossed their paths, they’d look big, bad, muscular, and spoiling for something.

Todd Wheeler, one of the club’s founders, noted that the their logo – the “Bad Little Bird” – is a hummingbird-man creature and speaks to the apparent contrast. Members strive to recapture the traditional rough and tumble spirit of the American motorcycle cowboy, but with a Castle Pines panache and just slightly rebellious style. Club founders made a nuanced effort to capture the style of fabled road outlaws, while not inviting the mayhem that is almost magnetic to such clubs. According to Wheeler, “the founders of our club took extraordinary steps to ensure we were respectful of the existing clubs and their culture.”

CPMC is a private club that wants to grow, but selectively. Members pay for what they participate in. Nearly half of the members ride with wives or significant others. Those without a mindset for high adventure and community service need not apply. “Wheels” (Wheeler’s member moniker) advises that “the Bad Little Bird organizes extraordinary outings for members that create lifelong memories and friendships.”

This year’s agenda has seven outings planned, including the sacred Sturgis pilgrimage in August. Yet, its signature event may well be “FORE!,” a charity golf tournament at the Sanctuary, which raised more than $40,000 last year for the Tennyson Center for Kids.

Pictures tell the story best. Dial into their website at The music-enhanced video may raise your testosterone levels to such an extent that you want to wear nothing but leathers, buy a big road bike (doesn’t have to be a Harley), find yourself a honey (only if you need one), and tear off into the Dakota or Colorado wilds to become a free-bird.

For those who don’t yet ride or are a bit more senior, consider it. This author didn’t start till 50 and can vouch that there is a ton of tread life in them old bones. One club founder is a Blue Knight and he oversees the club safety and training program and can bring you along.

This may be the right time for your inner “Easy Rider” to escape. Visualize enjoying the freedom of an open Colorado road under a sunny sky with wind in your leathers. Mountains on the west, cattle on the range all around you, and a cold beer waiting for you in that old barn just ahead. You’re a modern-age Marlboro Man.



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