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The strong bond of friendship

Photo of Surrey Ridge friends

Gathering together, Surrey Ridge friends catch up on what’s new in their lives and share stories and laughs. From left to right: Lesca Grant, JoAnn Miller, Jackie Shuler and Jeanne Gormley.

Meeting at The Exchange in Castle Pines for a bite to eat, longtime Surrey Ridge friends enjoy sharing stories, catching up on family news and reminiscing. Being friends for many years, the ladies feel “comfortable in our own skin” when they gather. These longtime friends share ideas, companionship and laughter.

“Having friends is like having your own personal community,” notes Jackie Shuler. “They celebrate the good times and support you in painful ones. Friends know when we need feedback and when to be silent when our presence is enough.”

“Staying connected is most important to me,” affirms Lesca Grant. “Talking, listening, sharing, laughing and not judging is true friendship.”

Close friendships have positive affects regarding brain and physical health, stress and depression. Having a network of friends to lean on during tough times and celebrate during life’s happy moments boosts one’s mood, eases the mind and lifts the soul.

While the group has aged since their friendships first started, they say they still feel like girls. “We may have gotten older, but inside we remain young and vibrant. Age has nothing to do with our inner selves,” commented Shuler.



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