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The voice of an angel in CPN

Singer Reagan Lindemann offers a wide variety of musical experiences to diners at Castle Pines North’s La Dolce Vita Restaurant.

by Lisa Crockett

For diners in Castle Pines North who have a hankering for Italian food, dinner offers not only a treat for the taste buds, but for the ears as well.

“Having live music creates a unique style for our restaurant,” said Kirk Bliss, the general manager of La Dolce Vita. “We can offer something that no other restaurant in the South Denver area does.”

Newcomers to La Dolce Vita, which is located in the Village Square Shopping Center, may be surprised at the breadth and variety of musical offerings. Want to hear some Patsy Cline? No problem. How about something from a Broadway musical? Coming right up. Maybe country music is more your style?

For Reagan Lindemann, the vocal talent who entertains diners at La Dolce Vita, having a large repertoire to choose from is part of what makes the job fun.

“I like to have a nice variety in what I sing and in what people can request,” she said. “I usually have about 160 songs on my list, but my machine – which is really just an overgrown MP3 player – can hold between 500 and 600 songs. Most of the time, if people request something, I can sing it.”

Lindemann’s clear and confident vocal stylings are the perfect compliment to any meal. She’s been singing at the restaurant for about eight years and can be found there nearly every Friday evening.

“I love the family atmosphere [at La Dolce Vita] and it’s a lot of fun to be in the restaurant during homecoming and prom. I love to see my kids’ friends and it’s fun to have that involvement in the community.”

Lindemann got her start in music as a child singing at church and could usually be found singing with one band or another during her college years. As an adult, she discovered that there was a market for her talents and began working at special events around the Metro area. In addition to her regular gig at La Dolce Vita, Lindemann often sings at private events and has provided entertainment at the “Taste of Douglas County” for the last five years.

Though Lindemann, who lives in Beverly Hills with her husband and three children, has built a reputation for herself as a singer, it’s entirely possible that she’s not the most well-known family member in the community.

This has been a great place for us to raise a family,” she said. “All three of the kids are involved at their schools and my husband, Gus, coaches eighth-grade baseball and freshman football at Rocky Heights and Rock Canyon.”

Lindemann’s oldest son, Brandon, was the captain of the football team at Rock Canyon and served on the committee that chose the name for Rocky Heights Middle School. After completing his first year of college last month, he will now be leaving to serve as a Spanish-speaking missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Birmingham, Alabama. Son Cameron has played baseball and football and is now trying his hand at being in the marching band and on the newly-formed men’s volleyball team. Daughter Kelsey has been in the school choir and school plays.

“Working at La Dolce Vita has been so nice and the atmosphere is just great – it’s the kind of place where my kids are always welcome and I feel comfortable having them stop by,” said Lindemann.

In the future, Lindemann plans to continue delighting local audiences with her voice and would like to explore more recording opportunities.

“I’m not a song writer,” she said. “But I would love to partner with a writer and do some original music.”

Reagan Lindemann sings at La Dolce Vita most Friday evenings. She is also available for private events. For more information on La Dolce Vita, visit For more information on Regan Lindemann, visit



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