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Then and Now…CPN Metro District

By Terri Wiebold

While the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District (CPNMD) has faced many challenges in the past decade, from paying off legacy bond debt to exploring alternatives to secure renewable water, one thing has remained constant – the District’s commitment to serving the residents in Castle Pines.

According to Board President David McEntire, the CPNMD board of directors is currently focused on three core objectives: 1) Securing the community’s renewable water future wisely and fiscally responsibly; 2) Ensuring that the residents of Castle Pines continue to enjoy clean, safe, reliable, on-demand drinking water, wastewater treatment, stormwater, parks, trails and open-space services in perpetuity; and 3) Increasing efficiencies and economies of scale that drive service-delivery costs.

For the past nine months – with a commitment to meeting its core objectives as quickly, efficiently and responsibly as possible – the District’s recently-elected slate of directors has been learning the scope and intricacies of CPNMD’s assets, systems, finances and renewable water opportunities. It has approved strategic investments in the Chatfield Storage Reallocation Project, an essential component of its renewable water portfolio. Through a partnership in the Plum Creek Water Reclamation Authority, the District has invested in capacity improvements to its sewage-treatment facility to help enable commercial investment and community revitalization. The Board also recently approved 2019 cost-of-service adjustments.

Perhaps most importantly, stated McEntire, “The District has worked to build vitally important relationships with neighboring jurisdictions and has developed lines of communication with city and county leaders and community partners that are foundational to securing the community’s renewable water future.”

In the coming months, it is anticipated that the District will share its conclusions, as well as the Board’s specific approach to maximizing efficiencies in all service areas.

“In the meantime, keep the faith,” stated McEntire. “We have your back. Stay tuned: 2019 will be a year of fantastic opportunities for CPNMD customers.”



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