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An introduction to Thoroughly Modern Manners

Thoroughly Modern Manners: Ask Mrs. Abramovitz

Thoroughly Modern Manners

Dear Readers,

Please allow me to introduce myself and this new column. I’m Tammy Abramovitz, a 20-year resident of Castle Pines and a facilitator of modern manners. After being named one of the top 100 Best Party Hosts of 2018 by The Salonniere, a website dedicated to the art of entertaining, I found myself with a platform around reviving the ancient art of kindness through modern manners.

I am thrilled to answer your questions and create a dialogue around your concerns Dear Reader! We’ll talk about what it takes to host a party, be a guest at a party, how to dress for a party, how to read an invitation properly and everything in between.

You will find no judgment here Dear Reader, this will not be a “prescription for properness” just a guide for doing things thoughtfully. Even Emily Post who penned the first book on Etiquette in 1922 wrote, “Good taste or bad is revealed in everything we do or have. Our speech, manners, dress and household goods, even our friends are evidences of the propriety of our taste. Rules of etiquette are nothing more than signposts by which we are guided to the goal of good taste.”

And if the rules of etiquette are the signposts, then manners must surely be the rules of the road. Etiquette remains constant, but manners are ever shifting. I look forward to learning together and maybe we’ll both discover something along the way.

Big Love, Mrs. Abramovitz


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