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Timber Trail students swap books

Allison McKeel, a parent volunteer at Timber Trail Elementary, instructs students about selecting a book at the school’s first-ever book swap.  McKeel chaired the event.

“I got this book called The Puppy Place,” said second grader Bailey McMullen.  “I really love puppies, and I love getting a new book!”
Seven-year-old Ava Horrocks shows off her new library card, which she received at Timber Trail’s recent book swap event.

Article and photos by Lisa Crockett

Timber Trail students celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by giving gifts to each other.  Students scoured their home bookshelves and closets and gathered books they were no longer using.  Volunteers determined the reading levels for all the books, sorted them, and then welcomed students to each select a book to take home.  Families donated literally thousands of volumes of books ranging from simple storybooks to young adult novels.

“The response to this event has been overwhelming,” said parent volunteer Allison McKeel, who chaired the event.  “This is a fun way to promote reading at home and also a great way for families to share books that are going unused.”

After every student was allowed to select something new to read, teachers replenished their classroom libraries.  Remaining books were donated to an inner-city Denver literacy tutoring program.

The event was hosted in TTE’s school library, but the Douglas County Libraries (DCL) got in on the act too.  Students were encouraged to apply for a library card prior to the event and cards were distributed when students came to select their books.

“We’re here to promote literacy,” said DCL’s Jill Swanston, who was on hand at the school to distribute library cards and introduce the library’s spring reading program.  “We hope the kids know about all the cool things they can do at the library, and this is a great way for us to spread that message.”

At the end of the day, every student went home with a new book and a renewed enthusiasm for reading.



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