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Time for reflection

By Michelle Post

In this fast-paced world, it is important to stop, be still, and reflect. Unfortunately, reflection for many only involves a quick glance at the next task on one’s to-do list. If you are like me, and I hope you are not, I am always thinking ahead of what I need to do; instead of what I have done.

I don’t know if it is an age thing, but as I get older I realize the best moments are those when I slow down and think of what I have seen, heard and accomplished. A colleague is always reminding me of the importance of reflection. When we do not let the mind reflect, we miss incredible opportunities to appreciate all the good we have experienced; and all the bad that we have made it through.

The irony of this article is that I began writing it on my way to a day trip to Paris with the sole intention of visiting the Cathedral of Notre Dame. You talk about a place to reflect! Upon arrival, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the magnificent cathedral which took 200 years to build. My words cannot do it justice. I took a seat and listened to a beautiful choir practicing for a concert. As their angelic voices filled the air, the words, “be still and listen,” echoed in my mind.

As I reflected on where I was and how it happened for me to be there, I also thought of all the good that occurred this year, the losses I experienced, and the hope I have for the future. Thousands of voices in so many dialects surrounded me. People scurrying to see it all, but I was at peace in the chaos.

You don’t need to go to Notre Dame to be still; any place will work. Find your favorite quite place, pour your favorite beverage, and reflect on what worked and didn’t work. You matter and what you do matters. And never underestimate the influence you have in this world.



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