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Vandalism in CPN Costs Three Local HOAs Thousands

by Terri Wiebold

While pranks and incidents of vandalism occur on occasion in almost every community in Colorado and across America, local homeowner’s associations in Castle Pines North (CPN) are aggressively pursuing a solution, as vandalism incidents in the community continue to rise.

Recent incidents of vandalism to neighborhood playgrounds and open space trails in CPN II, HOA1 and HOA2 have residents and community leaders looking for ways to preserve the beauty of our resources and to prevent future acts of vandalism.

“This is normally a safe quite community, but incidents like this must be brought to the public’s attention,” stated CPN II homeowner’s association president, Shirley Beer Powell. “Perhaps shedding some light on this behavior will help to stop it.”

Beer Powell filed a police report in December related to an incident of vandalism and fire to a playground set located in the open space behind the CPN II community swimming pool. According to Beer Powell, this was the fourth vandalism incident on CPN II property in 2008 and the second at the CPN II pool. Previously the damage was limited to graffiti, but the severity of the crimes is increasing.

“Since CPN II is spread throughout Castle Pines North, it’s not surprising that we get hit in so many places,” stated Beer Powell. “The police, nor do I think, at this time at least, that CPN II itself is being targeted,” she stated. “I can only hope police are taking this last incident quite seriously.”

The CPN II Board of Directors has authorized funds so that in conjunction with Crime Stoppers, it can offer a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who are responsible for the vandalism. According to HOA1 President Doug Gilbert, their board may also consider a similar action following vandalism in their neighborhood.

According to Gilbert, HOA1 has had around $4,500 in vandalism related damages to its trail lights over the past few months. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has been working to identify the group responsible and has made one arrest, according to Gilbert, but apparently the arrest did not locate all responsible for this type of activity, he stated.

According to property manager Ron Valiga of Hallmark Management, HOA2 has also been a victim of vandalism. The neighborhood received damage to playground equipment, a picnic table, lights, and had to clean up graffiti and litter which cost homeowners more than $2,900 to repair.

Valiga says the majority of vandalism in 2008 occurred during the daytime and possibly after school. “We have a person of interest, however not enough hard evidence to file charges,” he said.

HOA2 has taken specific steps to deter and identify individuals damaging HOA property, including an increase in patrols by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO).

Valiga says it is disappointing to have one or two damage property that so many others enjoy. “Of the hundreds of kids we have in the HOA2 community, only one or two cause these needless acts of vandalism,” said Valiga. “Many kids use the basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts and pool without incident. These kids should be thanked for respecting the community and property of the HOA.”

All three neighborhood HOAs agree that they will do whatever is necessary to make sure that if caught, those responsible will be prosecuted to the full extent the law will allow.

“Those one or two who seek attention by damaging or destroying property will get all the attention the Sheriff has available when they are caught,” Valiga continued.

Residents who witness any strange or criminal activity in CPN are urged to immediately contact the DCSO at 303-660-7500. More details about vandalism prevention and who is responsible for clean-up, go to “news” at



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