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Various Agencies Serve CPN

Although the CPN community has a Castle Rock mailing address, it is actually part of unincorporated Douglas County. It is governed by a variety of county, community, and neighborhood agencies that fill the role a traditional city or town municipality might otherwise fill. As a result of this structure, residents gain local control over services for their specific neighborhood.

County-wide Agencies – Douglas County Government services, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, South Metro Fire and Rescue, Douglas County Libraries, and Douglas County School District.

Community Agencies – CPN Metro District, CPN Parks Authority, and CPN Master Association. Read more about the Master Association in the article to the right.

Neighborhood Associations – The CPN community consists of more than 30 individual neighborhood homeowner associations (HOAs). Click here to learn more about the neighborhood HOAs.

Details about all these agencies, including what services they provide for the community and how they can be contacted, can be found on the CPN web site, an click on the “Organizations” tab.



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