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Village Castle Pines Garden Club

Information and photo provided by Terri Sundermann

Several ladies from the Village Castle Pines Garden Club visited the Colorado Home & Garden Show at the Colorado Convention Center in February, courtesy of The Castle Pines Connection.

“We enjoyed the multiple garden displays, some with very large water features” stated club member Terri Sundermann. “The smell of narcissus* filled the entire convention space. The multiple food-preparation booths, featuring items such as brightly-colored garlic graters from Spain and induction cooktop pans, meant we left with unplanned purchases. A good time was had by all!

*Editor’s note: Narcissus is the proper name for the daffodil family. Although its exact origin is unknown, the name is often linked to Greek mythology and the young man who fell in love with his own reflection. Upon his death, a yellow and white flower grew where he perished. Others believe it is so called because its bulb houses a toxic substance and the Latin word “narcissus”(from the Greek Narkissos – perhaps from narkē meaning numbness) is a reference to its narcotic properties. Regardless, it is bright and colorful and reminiscent of spring!



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