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“War Games” Prohibited in Castle Pines North

By Terri Weibold

The Castle Pines North Mater Association and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office have received several complaints regarding simulated “war games” in the open spaces and recreational parks within Castle Pines North.

The complaints originated from various neighborhoods and included issues such as:

The safety of residents (one woman was hit by a BB while sitting on her deck).
The debris and/or litter left from the paint guns.
Fire pits in violation of the current fire ban in Douglas County.
Choking hazards for children and wildlife from spilled and/or spent rounds of ammunition. These bullets are bright colors and look like candy or berries.
Covenant violations regarding trespassing on privately-owned property.
Fear in the community – these weapons are very realistic and are often difficult to distinguish from real guns.

While the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the safety of the residents within Douglas County, parents must take responsibility for the actions of minors. If any of these activities are witnessed, residents are encouraged to contact respective Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 303-660-7505 to report the violations. For residents unsure which HOA to contact click here, and then type in the homeowner’s address.



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