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Waste service and recycling

By Patte Smith

The Castle Pines community has many homeowner associations (HOAs) and each one handles trash removal and recycling independently for its members. Three primary waste companies serve the communities of Castle Pines Village, the city of Castle Pines, Happy Canyon, Surrey Ridge, and other unincorporated areas in the 80108 zip code.

Haulaway, Waste Management, and Waste Connections are three companies that handle a large portion of the waste removal in the Castle Pines community. Each company does offer recycling for its customers.

Paper products that can be recycled include: all white and colored paper, magazines, coated paper, folders (manila-coated or colored), adding machine tape, post-it notes, brochures, pamphlets, newspapers (including inserts but no plastic newspaper bags), junk mail, envelopes, computer printouts, posters, correspondence, and direct mail. All paperboard (cereal and soda boxes) or cardboard must be completely flattened.

Plastic “washed out” recyclables #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7 (any plastic product with the recycle symbol and a number), glass (colored or clear), aluminum, and tin cans (you may leave the labels on, but please remove the lids).

Items that cannot be recycled include: carbon paper, paper plates, paper cups, tissue paper, waxed paper, lunch bags, napkins, paper towels, candy wrappers, wax-lined cardboard, phone books, styrofoam, plastic bags (grocery, newspaper, or trash bags) oil, pesticides, hazardous material bottles or trash including food and organic waste.

For more information or questions about any of these three recycling companies servicing the surrounding neighborhoods, call or go online: Haulaway Customer Service at 303-688-0344, online; Waste Connections at 303-288-2100, online; or Waste Management at 303-797-1600, online

For information about the waste management company that services a particular HOA, please contact the HOA management company directly. 



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