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We found the "B"! "C" if you can find these hidden letters; You will be "D" lighted!

Castle Pines brothers Sam C. (left) and Ben C. (right) stand proudly beside the letter “B” they discovered using the GPS coordinates given in the June issue of The Castle Pines Connection.

By Amy Shanahan, photo by Lisa Crockett

July Coordinates:
Longitude and latitude
39.469231, -104.881928

If you find the hidden “C” and “D”, take a photo of yourself and be the first to send it to We will publish your photo in the August newspaper and you will receive a free frozen yogurt or coffee at Daz Bog!

Here is your hint:

Do you see the C? C can see you, you see. She is on the left you see, The D is on the right you see. Left, right, right, left. Never the tween shall meet.

And here’s another hint: This business whose name starts with a “D” is a big supporter of all the schools in the Castle Pines community.

This Castle Pines Connection search for ABC scavenger hunt is inspired by the book Alphabet Denver. The author, Kitty Migaki is taking photos and providing the GPS coordinates for the hunt. To learn more about Alphabet Denver visit



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