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What is Business in the Pines?

by Elean Gersack

Business in the Pines was created earlier this year by the Castle Pines North (CPN) Master Association to promote an environment of communication, cooperation and support for local storefront and home-based businesses. The membership-based organization has grown to more than 60 members to date. As a networking, cooperative marketing and advertising group, Business in the Pines helps members reach new audiences.

CPN residents and business owners can apply at local membership rates – as a regular or associate member. Businesses outside of CPN are welcome to join at a slightly higher rate. By bringing local businesses together with businesses from around the community, a larger network exists. “The more people we know as business owners, the more lessons we can learn and the better chance we have at succeeding,” said Sharon Kollmar, president of Business in the Pines.

To learn more about Business in the Pines, visit or call Sharon Kollmar at 303-688-5656.



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