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What’s on the docket for summer events in CPN?

by Anthonette Klinkerman

Summer social events in Castle Pines North (CPN) are looking at bit different this year.

The Master Association, CPN’s community-wide HOA, reduced dues for 2009 and transitioned from planning and implementing community-wide social events, to sponsoring events coordinated and hosted by other entities.

For the past 10 years, the Master Association has organized and sponsored annual events including: Easter egg hunts, summer concerts and picnics, summer movies, the annual garage sale, and the holiday carriage rides.

Funds for these events came from annual HOA dues to the Master Association and local business sponsorships. The Master Association reduced annual dues from $216 in 2008, to $190 for 2009.

Now, local churches and businesses are stepping up to host summer social events for the community.

According to Master Association Vice President Jim Stevepack, the social committee has discussed ways to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Castle Pines North but has not ironed out any final plans.

“We have also discussed partnering with various local groups that have agreed to host events that have been traditionally run by the Master Association,” Stevepack said. “By partnering, we may offer to place information on our community web site, include the event information in an Association-wide e-mail, and possibly include the event in the community newsletter, or we could participate financially.”

As of press time, other than the contribution to the Independence Day celebration, the Master Association had no events confirmed for the summer. Send comments to Contact by e-mail .



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