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What’s your APPtitude? Color in the Sandbox

By Amanda Merriman

My seven-year-old daughter and I were looking for a way to pass the time during my 10-year-old’s soccer practice. An hour can feel like an eternity to a seven-year-old. Luckily, I remembered I downloaded an app called Sandbox to try.

Sandbox is a color by numbers game that will entertain people of all ages. There are numerous pages to choose from that come with the app. Users can search for specific themes and find at least a few options. The drawings are pixelated in appearance and are made up of numbered squares. Sandbox will challenge your fine motor skills. However, you can enlarge the picture to make the task less difficult. Those wishing to follow the pattern simply choose a hue and touch the square with the corresponding number to start your masterpiece. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can certainly use whatever colors you like. You do not have to feel limited by specific drawings either. Sandbox allows you to create your very own design. If you make a mistake, you can easily select the shade you intended to use and touch the square again to correct it. Images can be shared with your friends on Instagram after they are complete.

The time passed quickly for my youngest as she was completely engrossed in finishing her picture. It was so nice to let her be crafty and not worry about broken, dropped or missing crayons or even finding a piece of paper for her to use. In the end, my daughter was pretty proud of her watermelon picture. As children filed out of soccer practice, many noticed she was using Sandbox and mentioned how much they liked using it. The only problem I had was keeping myself occupied since she was using my phone!

When I asked her what she liked most about the app, my daughter said, “Mom, I’m spatial. It’s perfect for me.” What a smart cookie, I thought to myself.

Sandbox is free to download for iOS and Android users. There are in-app purchases available to unlock surprisingly intricate drawings. Sandbox is a fun way to unwind and pass some time.



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