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Wildlife aplenty in and around Castle Pines

By Julie Montoya; courtesy photos

Ever look out your window and see a wild turkey staring back at you…or maybe a red tail hawk or a huge owl? Being a resident of Castle Pines, you have probably seen one of these a time or two.

Sitting on the cusp of the Rocky Mountains, Castle Pines is home to some of the state’s most amazing wildlife. Residents in Castle Pines can often spy wild turkey, deer, elk, and the occasional black bear. Even the reclusive spotted bobcat and the majestic bald eagle or hawk can be sighted on a rare occasion.

Seeing a stunning elk or deer with a newborn fawn is breathtaking, but don’t forget about the little guys too. The yellow finch is a welcome sight of spring, and the summertime prairie dog families are hilarious living life up on The Ridge.

Glorious wildlife is always a joy to see, unless that wildlife is grazing in a flowerbed or overturning a garbage can to steal a tasty leftover. Either way, we must always respect our wildlife, and this land we share with them in Castle Pines.

Special thanks to Forest Park resident Ed Haffey for bringing us this story idea and the photo of the hawk.



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