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Working together to support economic development in Castle Pines North

Information provided by Kim Hoffman, City of Castle Pines North economic development liaison

There are three entities with different but complementary economic development goals that, through combined effort, will support the long-term growth and sustainability of the Castle Pines North (CPN) business district.

Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce focuses on planned growth within the local and surrounding business districts and acts as a gardener of business growth in helping the current businesses succeed and thrive. The Chamber represents and markets to residents to help owners network and attract local and surrounding shoppers through planned events, notices and constant communication to promote sustainable businesses.

Castle Pines Economic Development Council is a nonprofit organization that concentrates on the trade area within CPN and areas located near CPN such as Lone Tree, Castle Rock, Parker and Sedalia. Planned growth throughout Douglas County is positive and CPN wants to have the ability to influence these opportunities for the trade area. Destination amenities such as the CPN library are the focus of the recruitment efforts of this group.

City of Castle Pines North Economic Development Committee (EDC) is working with the Castle Pines Economic Development Council to set up the foundation for design guidelines including architectural, landscape, and sustainable guidelines that will include sign and lighting policies to enhance the strength of the CPN Comprehensive Plan and provide development standards within the city for developers.

The CPN EDC is focusing on the branding of the city, warmth of the city and the amenities of the city to attract visitors and locals to play, shop and come back to the business district for repeated, welcomed and comfortable visits.

Helping to attract and sustain businesses that compliment the needs of the community and supporting local shopping for the sales tax revenue is the city’s focus through long term planning efforts with the city Planning and Zoning Department. The city EDC Committee will work hard with the developers of the Lagae Ranch, The Canyons, and future developers to tie the existing business district with the future business areas for a cohesive one-stop shopping experience.

Building the foundation for a strong commercial base to support the new city of Castle Pines North and its residents is now, and will remain the focus continuing forward.



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