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Xcel Power Line Update

Construction of the new Xcel poles earlier this year caused damage to the land along the power line corridor. Xcel has been working to repair the damage with soil, and to plant new grass seed.

Inclement spring weather has drastically affected the repair project. “Xcel had already planned on being finished with the repairs to the power line corridor, but the snow and rain continues to cause delays,” said Metro District Parks and Open Space Manager Charlie Fagan.

Power line corridor areas around trails near The Retreat have been repaired; however, Xcel still has plans to repair the remaining damage along the entire CPN corridor.

Installation of the metal power poles has been completed and the old wooden poles have been removed. Xcel has indicated they have plans to replace the middle set of power poles with metal poles. The smallest set of power poles belong to IREA and there have been no discussions to replace these poles.

For more information about the Xcel power line corridor, please contact the CPN Master Association at 303-482-3078, or e-mail



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