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Zuzu African Acrobats kick off Black History Month at Buffalo Ridge

Pictured right: Zuzu Acrobats performed at Buffalo Ridge Elementary School in late January to help kick off Black History Month.

By Elean Gersack; photo courtesy of Jen Murdock

On Monday, January 26, the Zuzu African Acrobats made a stop at Buffalo Ridge Elementary School (BRE) to show off some amazing talents and to help kick off the celebration of Black History Month.  

Many of the acrobats were runners-up in a recent America’s Got Talent competition.  They performed a fast-paced show for students and included chair balancing, tumbling, the limbo, building fast pyramids, and more.
“We loved the performance because it exposed us to something new, gave us an opportunity to appreciate a different culture, and generated a lot of questions for us to dive further into,” said fifth grade teacher Caitlin Streich.

The performance catapulted students straight into the books to learn about the lives of African-American role models.  In fifth grade, students studied Booker T. Washington’s life and his impact on education for all students.  “We’re reading a biography and analyzing how he impacted education and how he demonstrated perseverance and determination throughout his life,” said Streich.

In Cheryl Wedge’s second grade class, students celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. with the film, “My Friend, Martin”; remembered him with 100 acts of kindness; and became so passionate about him that they decided to write persuasive paragraphs to the school’s interim principal hoping to inspire a special event in his honor. “This lesson has many meaningful outcomes,” said Wedge.

Throughout the school, there were opportunities for students to learn, explore and celebrate inspiring African-Americans and to study the history of the times surrounding their lives. 



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