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A legacy of hope, purpose and value

Jamie Klusacek, holding her first book, Just Be, is thrilled with the recent publishing of her second book, Courage to Walk. Her goal is to write a book every year in her 40s.

Turning 40 inspired Jamie Klusacek to re-evaluate her life, her mission and her legacy.  A wife, mother of four daughters and leadership pastor at Thrive Church, Klusacek felt a call to write a book every year in her 40s.  Today, she is 42 with two books published.

“I had this desire that popped into my head and my heart that I couldn’t shake, and I knew it would be really crazy,” said Klusacek, whose desire was to leave something tangible behind for her children and grandchildren.  “The concept of having a legacy that surpasses me, living a life that leaves others better and points them towards hope, purpose and value are so important to me.”

With her already busy schedule, Klusacek said she wanted to write but she didn’t want to just add another thing to her plate and get burned out.  “I am not Superwoman, and I have learned that I can’t live that way,” she added.  “The courageous thing for me to do, which was super hard, was to take my life and realign what I needed to in order to write.”

Klusacek’s long-term goal wasn’t necessarily to be an author, but her Christian faith and life experiences led her to publish Just Be and her latest book, Courage to Walk.  The books are beautifully written about her personal stories woven in with scripture and her advice on how to be the best person one can be.  From Courage to Walk she writes, “The truly courageous see the blessings surrounding them, unnoticeable to the untrained eye, and make time to recognize them.”

The graphics in the books cannot be overstated.  Klusacek collaborated with her husband, Milan, who is a graphic designer, and said it was wonderful time spent together as a couple.

A native of Holly, Michigan, Klusacek met Milan in high school when he arrived as a foreign exchange student from Prague, and the two became friends.  The couple began dating in college.  Klusacek attended 

William Tyndale College in Farmington Hills, Michigan and earned a degree in English literature with a minor in Christian thought.  After college, she married Milan and the couple had three daughters.  

In 2012, friends in Denver asked the Klusaceks to move to Colorado to launch Thrive Church.  The family moved to Parker and had another baby.

Klusacek said the first time she drove into Castle Pines she prayed that her family could live here someday.  She learned of a house about to go into foreclosure and the Klusacek’s made an offer.  It needed quite a bit of updates and rehabilitation, but Klusacek said they have made it into their beautiful home.  “We got our little dream to be able to live in Castle Pines.”

Klusacek is content with her new title as an author, but she really prefers her other ones.  “What brings me the most joy and fulfillment is being a daughter, being a mother, being a wife and being a friend.”

Looking ahead, Klusacek is optimistic about her yearly publishing schedule, but she is realistic.  If it doesn’t happen, she isn’t going to be devastated.

“With any goal or dream, I find that it’s so important that you hold it with open hands, otherwise your identity gets attached to that thing, and if it fails or doesn’t ride out, it’s crushing,” added Klusacek.

To date, Klusacek has sold 1,200 copies of her books with the occasional podcast and word-of-mouth marketing.  She said that those who bought the first one, usually invested in the second, and she is pleased that many have gifted the books.  Klusacek is currently writing her third book, due for publication in the fall 2023.

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The Klusacek family (left to right): Milan, Selah, Grace, Anna, Jamie and Noella in front.

By Hollen Wheeler; photos courtesy of Jamie Klusacek




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