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A brand worth celebrating

Glynis shows off the new packaging of her All Purpose Coating Mix and Waffle Mix which carries the “Glynis Kitchen” title.

By Nancy Koontz; photos courtesy of Glynis Albright

In the October 2018 issue of The Connection, we introduced readers to Glynis Albright and her love of cooking. On the below-zero snowy night of February 6, Glynis and her husband, Gerald, hosted a special night of serving Glynis’ delicious foods in an intimate setting inside ROUX World Kitchen, with owner Chef Lisa Story and her staff preparing the food. The blustery weather didn’t stop all the warmth and love that was present at the event to celebrate the rebranding of Glynis’ various products to one recognizable name of Glynis’ Kitchen Products.

City of Castle Pines Mayor Tera Radloff and her husband, Jon, were there among the 30 guests enjoying Glynis’ famous chicken and waffles. “Glynis is charming and the food she shared was delicious,” raved Radloff. “It never ceases to amaze me how much talent and passion there is here in Castle Pines.”

The Albrights were honored to have City of Castle Pines Mayor Tera Radloff and her husband Jon present at their intimate culinary event.

For dessert, a dark chocolate cake filled and topped with chocolate mousse, and a light mouth-watering lemon cake (both from her “Just Sweet Enough” line) were served. Lemonade with strawberries was the drink of the night, and each guest was gifted a box of Glynis’ Waffle Mix and Glynis’ All Purpose Coating Mix.

All Glynis’ Kitchen Products have been Kosher certified and will be re-manufactured soon with the new look – and same great flavors! Glynis also announced that two additional products will be released: Glynis’ Kitchen Scratch Mix (a basic mix that makes everything from cupcakes to pie crusts to breads) and Glynis’ Kitchen Caramel Spice Syrup (a light, caramel-like, simple syrup that has just the right sweetness to complement her waffles, pancakes and crepes.)

Glynis proudly proclaimed, “No more signing on to three different websites to purchase products.” Albright Cuisine, Just Sweet Enough, and Cookie Dots can all be found under the umbrella of, which also features Glynis’ nonprofit organization M.A.N.E. (Making Advancements towards Nutritional Empowerment).



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