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A familiar face takes the helm

Jen Murdock-Jacoway was named principal at Buffalo Ridge Elementary.

By Celeste McNeil; photos courtesy Carlie Leach photography

Buffalo Ridge Elementary (BRE) looks forward to a smooth transition as classes begin in a few days. While the official leader at BRE has changed, the face at the helm is not new to students, staff or families. Jen Murdock-Jacoway has been part of the BRE community for nearly two decades. She taught in the classroom and has served the past five years in administrative roles. Over the summer, she moved her belongings from the vice principal’s space to occupy the principal’s office.

Cory Wise, the executive director of schools for Douglas County School District enthusiastically endorsed Murdock-Jacoway. “This is more than a job for Jen – she is part of the community and is embedded into the fabric of BRE. She will carry her passion forward into this role and continue to make Buffalo Ridge an amazing school.”

Murdock-Jacoway is ready to roll up her sleeves and lead BRE. “I am eager to continue with shaping a vision of academic success for all students.  Being the principal, a community member and a parent at BRE, I feel that I have a good perspective with making sure all voices are heard. To me, Buffalo Ridge has a ‘family’ feel to it and I want to make sure that we continue that going forward.”

Family is huge part of Jen Murdock-Jacoway’s life. Above left to right: Cooper, husband Pierce, Jen and Griffin.

In addition to fostering a family-feeling environment, Murdock-Jacoway is formulating goals with each staff member, student and BRE family in mind. Some of her broad goals include “shaping a vision of academic success for all students, creating a positive climate, cultivating leadership in others, using data to drive instruction, and developing processes to support it.” Murdock-Jacoway understands the importance of relationships for strong educational experiences. “Building relationships with parents, students and the community to promote and foster strong school spirit while upholding academic excellence through a focus on the whole child” is another goal she will work to implement as principal.

When not at BRE, Murdock-Jacoway is an avid sports fan. She loves watching and playing sports and being outside. Soccer, hiking and skiing are all high on her favorite activities list. Spending time with family and friends and their yellow lab Scout is also very important to her. She takes advantage of trips to visit extended family in Seattle whenever possible.

Murdock-Jacoway’s warm smile, great energy and compassion are evident at first sight. Her passion for her staff, students and families is contagious. Murdock-Jacoway is in her element at BRE. “BRE is a home away from home for me and I hope to instill that feeling with staff and students and the community.”



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