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A first-class act at Rock Canyon

Shuler explains a software program to Bayleigh Arey, a graphic design student at Rock Canyon.

By Patte Smith, photo contributed by Dr. Jackie Shuler

Dr. Jacqueline Shuler is a shining example of a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher, and art students at Rock Canyon High School know this to be a fact. “This is my favorite class,” states one student and another young man notes, “I love this class because I can express myself and be creative.”

These young artists reaffirm time and again that Shuler has helped guide them on a path to creativity with a rock-solid education using state-of-the art software tools.

Shuler has taught for eight years at Rock Canyon High School and has loved every minute of it. Her forte at the school is graphic design, using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. While she has taught the entire gamut of students from grade school through college, she notes that her favorite is high school.

“I am inspired every day by my students – there are no two projects the same. I am not in the classroom to pour information into my students, but to guide them to express themselves artistically and to help them learn the tools to be creative,” states Shuler. “My students are engaged and excited to use the resources in the classroom. I teach them the tools but they are the ones who create each unique project. I am in my element when I am in my classroom – I love relating to young people.”

Dr. Shuler has an extensive art and educational background with a Doctor of Arts Degree in art education from Carnegie-Mellon University. She also has the distinguished honor of being the first woman in the U.S. to receive the John D. Rockefeller III Fund Scholarship for doctoral studies.

Shuler has published children’s books as well as art education text books. She has owned and operated an art school, designed inspiring stained glass windows, created calligraphic art prints and posters, painted large murals in homes and corporations, and won numerous awards. She has developed introspective critical thinking classes: “The Wisdom Within Creates the Reality Without,” which explain and focus on right-brained thinking.

A woman with tremendous creative ability, she continually shares her knowledge with students of all ages. She is an artist, a first-class role model, and an exceptional educator who leads young people to tap into creativity and the value of self-expression. “Remember,” she emphasizes, “Art expresses what no words can.”

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