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A letter to the community

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Sent in from The Rojas family to residents in the Ventana/Amber Ridge neighborhood of Castle Pines

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dahl,

Please know I have tried to write this letter a zillion times and not once could I express my feelings of gratitude. What you and your community have done for my family has guided us through this long dark journey that has crashed our lives into a million pieces. The heartfelt words of condolence, monetary sacrifices, and incredible kindness have been a tremendous blessing during this difficult hardship.

Every day there is something to bring back the tragic event. However, as a family, every night, we express our feelings, memories of Brian, memories of kind gestures and read cards and scriptures which remind us how Blessed we are.

Having God’s soldiers – that is what we call you and your community – reassures our beliefs that The Lord is leading our way. Your words and actions are not only a comfort, but a source of strength for me and my family. I have come to a conclusion that God leaves this tender hold in our hearts to remind us that one day we will all embrace Brian again and never have to part. Our faith ensures me only time can lessen our sorrow.

Your help and support has meant so much to us all words cannot express our gratitude. Your generosity will always be remembered.

Thank you and may God Bless you all,
Deanna Rojas and Family



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