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A ministry that is making an impact on women around the world

Liane Davis wears her symbolic crown necklaceas a reminder of her role in a unique ministry, Crowned by the King.

By Liane Marette Davis

Crowned by the King was founded in Conway, Arkansas by Judi James in 2007 after she received a crown necklace as a gift. As time passed, she realized that the necklace had a purpose and a powerful message that would be a reminder to woman everywhere.

“The purpose of this ministry is to provide a way for ladies to creatively share the love of God with women everywhere,” said James. “I am humbled to be a part of something having an impact on women across the globe. I hope that as ladies become a part of the ministry that they will be empowered to boldly speak to the women in their lives (friends, family, and even complete strangers) about God and tell their stories.”

You don’t have to be a pastor’s wife, evangelist, or missionary to participate in Crowned By The King; just willing and available to be used by God. James says ladies everywhere have a desire to know they are loved, beautiful, and have a purpose, and this ministry provides them with an opportunity to remind others of these simple truths. “The necklace is a wonderful reminder of those things: we are loved, beautiful and purposed daughters of the King, said James. “Let’s ‘crown’ the world together, with God’s love, one necklace at a time.”

This February, I [Lianne] had my own “crowned moment” by someone with whom I had just met. I had the pleasure of meeting Kristie Smith and her husband Chris – both from Conway, Arkansas. I picked them up at the airport and we were headed to the mountains for a company trip. Kristie and I had just met and we talked the entire time while driving in the car. I knew I had met a friend for life. Upon arriving at the hotel three hours later, we were still talking. While in the lobby of the hotel, Kristie took her necklace off and started to put it around my neck. She went on to explain what the necklace meant and the ministry. She brought me to tears. It was such a thoughtful moment, and the necklace a great reminder.

This personal ministry is simply about paying God’s love forward with a powerful and wonderful message to all women and it started with just one necklace. A great benefit of this ministry is that it gives any woman an opportunity to participate, so spread the word!

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