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A new place to play, thanks to moms and the HOA2 Board

HOA2 moms Carrie Butler, Alexandra Wight, Tara Broyd, Lee Ann Hilgendorf,
and Michele Laity – along with their kids, celebrate the new play
structure they helped to select for HOA2 in Castle Pines.

Article and photo by Elean Gersack

HOA2 in Castle Pines has a brand-new play structure, thanks in part to some local moms. In late April, the old play set, which was more than 20 years old, was removed to make way for the new one.

“I went to a homeowner’s meeting and asked if there were plans to update the playground, and they asked if I wanted to put together a group to meet with the potential equipment vendors along with Ron [Valiga] from Hallmark Management [HOA2 property manager],” said Carrie Butler, resident and mom of three young children.

According to Valiga, the sun’s UV rays took a toll on the color of the old structure. He noted there had been past vandalism and graffiti which, although repaired and removed as well as possible, was still evident. The structure had also outlived its time per the reserve study commissioned by the board of directors.

Tara Broyd, Alexandra Wight, Lee Ann Hilgendorf, and Michele Laity joined Butler in working with the board to review the condition of the playground and recommend an upgrade. “We tried to put together something that would appeal to both younger and older kids, and the association approved the option we chose. Hooray!” said Butler.

According to Butler, the new structure includes great features for kids of all ages. There is a tall slide that is covered for shade, a tall climbing wall and monkey bars for older kids, and a short slide and lots of low climbing elements for younger kids. There is also a merry-go-round component that can be used by several kids at once. The colors of the structure include greens and browns to help it blend into the landscape and there are shaded platforms to help keep heat down in the summer.

In addition to the new play structure, Valiga shared that 20 new trees will soon be planted, the pool fence painting project has been completed, and discussions are underway regarding replacement or resurfacing of the tennis and basketball courts. Additionally, plans for the annual July 4 celebration are in the works.

“The Board welcomes input and suggestions from its members on everything within the HOA and puts great effort and attention to maintaining all its amenities and providing social events for its members,” said Valiga.



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