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A summer place to play and pray

College students from several different schools gathered at a home in Sapphire Pointe this summer to connect with kids from other schools and also with God. They will continue to meet through the end of August.

Article and photo by Steve Whitlock

A new college group is meeting in Sapphire Pointe.  The lively and welcoming group is based out of Grace Chapel church, and led by Kurt Roberts.  When asked why he started the group Roberts said, “Every summer we have several college students who come home over summer and are looking for activities and community.  This summer we finally took the leap and started a college group.”

“We didn’t know what to expect,” said Roberts, “but it has exceeded what we were thinking.  We’ve had several college students participate, enjoy a meal, talk about the Bible and also play games in the park.  In asking some of our college students, they are absolutely loving it and are so glad that we started it this year.”

Roberts went on to say, “Our hope is that college students would get to know other college students in the area and develop rewarding friendships.  We would hope that students who attend our college group would be challenged and encouraged intellectually and have a fun time investing in their relationship with God and one another.”

Similarly, one of the attendees from Castle Pines, Cody Hyman, stated, “I like how the group feels like family.  I can open up easily to everyone.  If you’re college age, I would say give it a visit because you meet an amazing group of different people that you will fit in with.”

Roberts’ words of advice were, “I would tell college students in 2019 to not waste their summer.  Use their summer to grow and keep moving forward as a person.  Use their summer to explore and deepen their spiritual lives.  Discover further regarding what they believe and why they believe it.  Use their summer to ask questions and avoid being passive in their understanding of both faith and purpose in their life.”

“We would love to welcome and invite all college students in the area,” said Roberts.  “There are no requirements of any type of spiritual background, upbringing or understanding.  In fact, we would love to have diversity in beliefs to broaden our understanding of the world around us and create an enjoyable and safe place to discuss ideas centered around who is God and why that matters.”

In short, all college age young adults are welcome, 18-24.  The group meets at 1906 Aquamarine Ct. Castle Rock, CO 80108 at 5:30 p.m. on Sundays.  For additional information, contact



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