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A wicked good time was had by all

Pic of witches

Becky Cohen’s Wine and Witches party is all about having a good time. Costumes are a must, and the women enjoy donning hats, warts and much more to bring out their inner witch.

By Amy Shanahan; photos by Julie Montoya

The month of October is a time when most people carve pumpkins, hang a few decorations, and stock up on candy for eager trick-or-treaters – but Becky Cohen takes it several steps further. Each year in early October, Cohen hosts an extravagant “Wine and Witches” theme party for her friends.

Cohen has hosted the party at her home in Castle Pines Village since 2001, and each year the event is memorable and fantastic. “I chose Halloween because it is my absolute favorite holiday because it is just fun!” remarked Cohen. “No guilt about gifts and traditions involved, so I created just a happy, fun time for myself and my friends!”

Cohen spends a month preparing for the party by decorating her home and her entire street with ghoulish, creepy, and sometimes whimsical decorations. Each detail is thought through, and the result is amazing. In addition to the décor, Cohen serves wine and hors d’oeuvres with appropriately ghoulish names like flea and ticks mix, crypt dip, and dreadsticks.

“Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” a well-known line from the “Wizard of Oz” is a question that could be put to the 40 or so women who attend the event each year. It is mandatory for attendees to dress as witches, and Cohen has thoroughly enjoyed the creativity of her friends as they dress to impress the other witches. Among some of the stand-outs are a “sand-witch,” a Salem witch, an Asian-attired witch with a pagoda hat, and other creative and outlandish costumes.

Cohen’s party has gained national attention, as she was featured on HGTV’s “Extreme Halloween” in 2003. “All the parties bring such laughter,” stated Cohen, “but the year that HGTV did the show was very special. It would make any witch proud!”

pic of sign

Cohen spends at least a month preparing for her party, and no detail is overlooked. Her entire home and surrounding property fall under her decorative spell.

This year, the Wine and Witches party was held on October 10, and the witches had yet another wonderful, wild, wacky, and of course, wicked good time!



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