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AA students are WATS top scorers in Colorado

Above American Academy students Drew Cooke , Brendan Goodfellow and below, Cooper Dozois were top scorers in Colorado for third graders on tests in math, reading, language arts and science through the Western Academic Talent Search.

By Lisa Nicklanovich; courtesy photos
Of all the third graders in Colorado, three American Academy (AA) students were the top scorers on tests in math, reading, language arts and science through the Western Academic Talent Search (WATS).  The students, Drew Cooke (CP), Cooper Dozois (CPV) and Brendan Goodfellow (CR), attended a ceremony recently at the Colorado School of Mines where they found out they were top scorers.  
Drew Cooke won the top scorer in Colorado in the English, mathematics and combined score categories.  Drew said, ”I was excited and surprised because I didn’t expect to do that well on an eighth grade test.  I’m really glad I decided to skip football that day to go to the awards ceremony instead!”
Cooper Dozois was the top scorer in Colorado for language arts, receiving a perfect score in reading.  Cooper’s mom Mandi said, “When Cooper found out, she smiled from ear to ear and said how exciting it is to get an award in something she loves to do!”  
Brendan Goodfellow was the top scorer in Colorado in science.  When asked his first thoughts when his name was called, Brendan said, “I was shocked because I didn’t even finish that one.  I guess I’m better at science than I thought.”   
Laurie Liddick, the Gifted and Talented program coordinator at AA explained, “The WATS program is for students who have scored extremely high on a nationally-normed achievement test (90 percent or higher), or participate in their school’s gifted and talented program and are in third through ninth grade.  If these qualifications are met, the student can sign up to take the PSAT, SAT or ACT.  High scoring students are then invited to a regional WATS ceremony through The Center for Bright Kids, our regional talent development center.”
All three students just entered fourth grade at AA and it is certain that their love for learning will take them far!  For more information, visit 



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