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After traveling the world, photographer calls Castle Pines home

Photographer and world traveler Jack Klobetanz in front of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

By Lisa Nicklanovich; photo courtesy of Jack Klobetanz

Where do you choose to settle down and raise a family after you have weathered sand storms in Mongolia, trekked through Bolivia at 18,000 feet, and swam in Cleopatra’s bath in Turkey? Castle Pines of course.

Jack Klobetanz, his wife Kelley, and their 18-month-old son Maddox moved to Castle Pines three months ago “for the community, the great schools, and all the outdoor activities” Klobetanz explains. Having lived all over Colorado, as well as traveling the world as an athlete, an adventurer, and a professional photographer, Klobetanz is excited to bring his combination of skills to his family photography business here in our community.

In his Castle Pines home studio, Klobetanz has a collage of photographs from his time spent traveling with students at an international school in Steamboat Springs. One photo captures time spent with a Buddhist monk in Mongolia, another a colorful grouping of tents in a green valley in Bolivia. Blending his photography skills with his mountaineering abilities, Klobetanz both led and photographed ski trips, desert treks, mountain backpacking hikes, and both rock and ice climbing adventures.

Klobetanz points to another photograph in his studio of students, both American and Mongolian, standing in a large circle holding hands. He explains, “we visited an orphanage and this closeness happened in about five minutes. One thing that is constant everywhere is the connection between people.”
Klobetanz’s style of photography is journalistic, aiming to tell a story that is natural, real, and fluid, not posed or forced. “Now that I have a family of my own, I especially love to capture the relationship between parent and child. As a photographer, I see the same type of interactions and family dynamics whether it’s Buddhist sheep herders or a family here.”

Leading family photography trips to Turkey, Croatia, Greece, and Italy are future possibilities, but it’s clear Klobetanz considers his son Maddox the greatest wonder of the world. “Castle Pines is a great place to start fatherhood,” he said.

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