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Alive At 25 – One Teen’s Perspective

by Paige Newman, Student Intern from Rock Canyon High School

There are numerous amounts of fears brought on by driving, felt particularly by parents of young drivers. As a new driver myself, I know that my parents worry about me talking on my cell phone, texting, or being distracted by the radio.

While there is always a risk of distractions while driving, there are ways to adopt safer approaches to driving. Lately, one of the most popular ways parents have been educating their children on safe driving is by enrolling them in the Alive at 25 program offered by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO).

Alive at 25 is a national law enforcement curriculum program that focuses on teaching its participants ways to be safe while driving and to avoid collisions and traffic violations. Research has shown that drivers under the age of 25 are more likely to get into accidents than those of older ages, which is why Alive at 25 helps teach teens to make smart decisions on the road.

Alive at 25 approaches the issue of irresponsible driving through educational videos and role-playing exercises. The main driving issues the program acknowledges are lack of awareness of surroundings while driving, speeding, inexperience, and having peers in the car with young drivers, distracting them from the road.

The program is taught by DCSO deputies who are devoted to preventing the horrible accidents that occur from unsafe driving. In fact, in 2004 alone, 12 people under the age of 25 were killed in car crashes in Douglas County.

As a young driver, I know how easy it is to be distracted on the road. However, there are several ways to learn safe techniques to driving. Alive at 25 is one of the best programs to attend. The class, just over four hours, is only $30, and provides some of the most experienced driving educators in the state.

Participating in the program does in fact help improve the driving of teenagers and young adults; after enrolling their child in the class, parents will no longer have to worry about what is happening on the road. Safe driving is possible, and Alive at 25 can help prevent the accidents that every parent fears.

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