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Attract Birds, Not Bears

by Lane Roberts

Each summer, CPN receives a few sighting of black bears in the community. While bird feeders bring colorful feathered friends to yards, they can also bring an unexpected guests.

According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife (CDW) bears that become accustomed to bird feeders must often be destroyed as they become more comfortable around humans and their homes.

The CDW encourages residents to feed birds when bears are hibernating (mid-November to March). Summertime bird feeders should be removed before sundown daily, and be hung at least ten feet from anything a bear can climb. Make sure to keep the area underneath the feeder clean, since just the smell will attract a bear. Residents who feed birds in the summer while bears are active should be extra cautious and make sure to bear proof homes, garages, garbage cans, and property.

The CDW encourages residents to help keep bears wild. To read more about ways to attract birds without feeding them when Colorado’s bears are active, please visit:

Make sure to report all bear sightings to the CDW’s Northeast Region Service Center at 303-291-7227. After business hours, contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 303-660-7500. In a life threatening situation call 911. Please contact the Castle Pines North Safety Task Force at Contact by email so that the community may be informed of sightings.



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