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Ballot question 1A – Check “yes” or “no”

By Terri Wiebold

The discussion about Douglas County Ballot Question 1A, which would increase the maximum number of consecutive four-year terms for the county sheriff from two terms to three, is gaining momentum. Representatives from both sides of the conversation hosted booths at the Castle Pines Octoberfest last weekend, answering questions and handing out literature and yard signs.

Douglas County voters will have an opportunity to weigh in on Election Day, checking yes or no to the question, “Shall the voters of Douglas County, Colorado, have the right to elect the sheriff of Douglas County to a third consecutive term, beyond the current limitation of two consecutive terms, pursuant to Section 11(2) of Article XVIII of the Colorado Constitution.”

To learn more about what those in support of and against the ballot measure are saying, go to (in support of) and (in opposition to).



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