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Barking Dogs an Annoyance to Neighbors

Colorado’s beautiful weather invites many Castle Pines North residents to open their windows and invite the warm weather and fresh breeze into their homes. It also beckons residents to sit out on their porches and decks. However, this tranquility can all be ruined in a heartbeat with the incessant barking of a neighbor’s dog.

According to Douglas County’s ordinance on the Control and Licensing of Dogs and Pet Animals, it is a class two petty offense if “the dog’s owner fails to prevent his/her dog, regardless of whether the dog is on or off the owner’s premises, from disturbing the peace of any other person by loud, habitual, or persistent barking, howling, yelping or whining.” The owner of the offending pet is first issued a warning by the county, but if they fail to keep their pet from disturbing others a series of penalties will follow. Ranging from a $50 fine for the first offense, $75 for a second offense and for the third and any subsequent offense the owners will be fined $75 and an additional $25 for each violation over three.

As important as it is for a pet owner to keep a barking dog inside, it is also important to express annoyance if the barking dog is disturbing the peace. Rather, than jump the gun and call Douglas County Animal Control, try calling the dog’s owner and asking to have the dog brought inside. Many times the owner may be unaware that their dog is an annoyance and will gladly do what it takes to avoid offending their neighbors.

Also be courteous to your neighbors when walking pets. It’s vital to our community upkeep to pick-up your dog’s waste. Although there are plastic bags available on some trails throughout CPN, always remember to bring along your own bag when walking dogs and keep your dog from using your neighbor’s yard for its bathroom. Dog urine is damaging to lawns and leaves an unsightly brown spot where the grass has been damaged.

Living in a community where neighbors are close it’s important to respect others and take responsibility for our pets. To reach the Douglas County Animal Control call (303) 660-7529. For more information on living with pets in CPN visit the website at and click on “Features”.



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